Race R35L - DSN#16

The R35L "Race" was designed and launched in 1988-89 and sailed initially on Pittwater north of Sydney. It was sold to Lake Macquarie and performed particularly well on the enclosed water of the Lake. A couple of years later it was sold to Northern Tasmania ... where it has remained since - competing in club races with the occasional excursion into Bass Strait. Based on the performance of "Race" Ron Hampson in Victoria decided to build a similar style production yacht and the "Sprint" became a reality. The first Sprint, now called "Horizon Sprint", is still racing very successfully on Port Phillip Bay.

Race R35L - DSN#16 Race R35L - DSN#16

The next two photos show "Race" with a deep reefed main and a small headsail, broad reaching in a strong "breeze" with recorded speeds of 18.1 and 20.7knots.

A little wet and not for the faint hearted ... exhilarating sailing for a little 35ft flush deck yacht.

18.1 knots on left ... 20.7 knots on right

Race R35L - DSN#16

... and just for a bit of fun the Tasmanian owner added trapeze so that the crew could get a better view of the river!