Blue Chip - DSN#10
L.O.A. 10.65m 35'0"
L.W.L. 10.37m 34'0"
BEAM 3.14m 10'3"
Fixed Keel 1.90m 6'3"
Lift Keel DOWN 2.5m 8'2"
Lift Keel UP 1.4m 4'7"
DSPL 3,963kg 8,737lb
Main 36.9sq m 397sq ft
Genoa 34.8sq m 374sq ft

The construction of the Radford 10.6m is designed to Australian Standard AS4132.3. The design plans were inspected by NSW Maritime Authority and have received prototype approval. The Radford 10.6m can be built to survey and one is already being used in a sailing school in Melbourne

The Radford 10.6m a light displacement cruising / racing yacht. The general shape and style of the hull has been developed from the very successful 10.6m club racing yacht - RACE, the production yacht SPRINT and the very successful "Red Jacket". These designs have demonstrated outstanding sailing and racing performances in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

Deck and Accommodation Layout

R10.6m DSN#10 - Blue Chip cockpit

An aft boarding platform provides access to the cockpit. Large cockpit lockers aft, including self-draining gas bottle locker, are separated from the accommodation by a watertight bulkhead. The engine and the fuel tank are located under the cockpit. The quarter berth to port has a navigation table immediately forward. Starboard of the cockpit there are large lockers for the never ending items which collect on a yacht - tools, spares, odds and ends - as well as space for extra galley stowage. This area also allows clear access to the engine compartment.

R10.6m DSN#10 - Blue Chip Galley

The galley has good stowage space with room for a double sink and stove with oven. Opening ports in the house side and cockpit bulkhead, plus the companionway hatch, give ventilation to the galley. The companionway boards are set forward into the house and the sliding hatch overhangs the companionway when closed.

R10.6m DSN#10 - Blue Chip saloon

The saloon has two full length settee berths with well angled backs and wide seats for comfort. The seat backs can be removed to give the required 600mm width for a berth. Lockers behind the settee backs provide more stowage, with shelves or lockers above. A drop leaf table seats four people easily. Water tanks are located under the aft end of the settees and under the quarter berth. The head and shower are located forward of the saloon. Ventilation is provided by an opening port and house top vent. Hanging and stowage lockers are positioned opposite the head. The forward vee berths can be converted to a double berth. There are lockers under the aft end of the berths and a sump tank and sail stowage forward. A watertight / collision bulkhead forms the forward end of the berths and part of the self-draining anchor locker.

Keel options, Rudder

R10.6m DSN#10 - Blue Chip keel

There are two keel options - a moderate 1.9m draft fabricated duplex S.S. fin keel with a bulb or a deep draft lifting bulb keel for those wanting optimum performance and the added benefit of shallow draft with the keel raised. The spade rudder is constructed using FRP and foam and a duplex stainless steel rudder stock. A tiller is used for simplicity.

Sail Plan

The fractional rig has double, swept-back spreaders. The mainsail can have full length battens or leech battens. A furling, self-tacking jib is simplicity itself for day sailing and cruising.


S/L Ratio Speed - knots SHP
1.00 5.83 8.18
1.10 6.41 10.88
1.20 7.00 14.13
1.30 7.58 17.97
1.34 (maximum) 7.81 19.68

The maximum hull speed of the Radford 10.6m, at Speed / Length Ratio (S/L) = 1.34, is 7.8 knots. An efficient cruising speed is at S/L = 1.1, or 6.41 knots. The list shows the required shaft horsepower (SHP) for different speeds at 4,500kg (9,920lb) displacement. Note the rapid increase in required SHP (hence fuel consumption) for small gains in speed.

Based on a speed requirement, select an engine which - running at an optimum RPM - will give the required SHP for that speed.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Radford 10.6m is a good performing, general purpose yacht catering for those who want to participate in family sailing and/or club, offshore and short-handed racing in a versatile 10.6m yacht.