Lizard - DSN#36
L.O.A. 14.00m 45'11
L.W.L. 13.8m 45'3"
BEAM 3.80m 12'6"
Keel DOWN 3.25m 10'8"
Keel UP 1.60m& 5'3"
DSPL 7,700kg 7.58T
Main 68.0sq m 732sq ft
Genoa 62.25sq m 670sq ft

The Radford 14m Racing Yacht - Design # 36 was commissioned by two experienced Tasmanian yachtsmen who wanted new yachts for offshore racing and cruising. They have traded up from their Adams 13 Metres which Graham Radford had earlier successfully modified from stub keel, dagger centreboard arrangements to lifting bulb keel yachts - giving a noticeable improvement in stability and performance at a reduced weight.

The hull of the R14m has a relatively narrow beam, long waterline and light displacement, similar in style to the very fast 10.6m Radford SPRINT. The bow has flare with fine waterlines and a distinct vee in the forward hull sections. The owners have commented on the considerably softer ride this configuration gives in a seaway compared with their earlier yachts. The vee sections are maintained throughout the hull but are less pronounced aft.

Lizard - DSN#36

The R14m is designed to carry less than the maximum crew weight allowed under the IMS so has more inbuilt stability to carry the large fractional rig. It is very fast reaching and running, while heavy enough and with sufficient righting moments for fast windward performance - especially in fresh conditions. The point of vanishing stability (not including the positive effect of the house) is in excess of 130deg.

Lizard - DSN#36

The yacht has a spade rudder and a lifting bulb keel. The vertical lift keel is hydraulically operated. It remains pinned fully down for racing but can also be sailed half raised at other times. For access to shallow waters the keel can be raised to 1.6m draft - just below the rudder depth.

There are two deck & cockpit options. The racing cockpit (see sail & deck plan drawing) is a relatively shallow trench in the forward part of the cockpit. In way of the main traveller, the side decks are angled inboard to give comfortable sitting positions for the mainsheet and runner hands. The cruising version (see accommodation drawing) has a slightly longer house and a more conventional cockpit which includes seats and seat backs. Both versions are designed with a boarding platform and wheel steering. In both cases the companionway is 300mm forward of the cockpit and when the hatch is fully closed it gives excellent protection for the companionway doors. The doors are always attached and are easier and quicker to use than removable boards.

The R14m is not a big volume yacht for its length. The layout is simple and open and meets the lMS accommodation requirements for bunk numbers, fuel & water taIlkage and crew & galley stowage - including a large sail stowage area forward. Headroom is 1.9m - 6'3". The displacement hull speed of 9 knots can be achieved with an engine size of 35-39HP. A speed of 8 knots can be achieved with a 25 29HP engine.

The construction drawings are for aluminium and have A.B.S. plan approval. The design would be very suitable for FRP / foam sandwich construction. The reduction in construction weight and the use of a duplex S.S. keel foil and composite rudder would further increase the performance of this design. The large fractional rig has triple swept back spreaders. There is a fourth spreader at the hounds if a masthead spinnaker is to be used. The mainsails on the first yachts have full length battens.

In conclusion, the R14m Racing Yacht is designed for exciting club racing and offshore PHS and lMS racing and short term, fast cruising.