Buttercup IOOD50

Don McIntyre competed in the BOC Challenge Around Alone 1990-91 in his 15.2m yacht "Buttercup".

Based on this experience he decided that for future races it would make more sense to participate in a one design class where the yachts would maintain their value better; be stronger and more reliable than a one-off yacht and lead to more fun competition within Class II. The IOOD50 was designed to meet these requirements.

The IOOD50 is designed specifically for short-handed, long distance racing with a deep bulb keel, water ballast, large rig and minimum accommodation. The cockpit and cuddy cabin are ideal for the purpose with all the control lines leading to the relatively small cockpit where everything is within easy reach. The cockpit has liferaft stowage and four large tail boxes for all the sheets and halyards. The cuddy cabin gives excellent "on deck" protection for the crew and further shields the watertight companionway door.

Female moulds have been built for the hull, deck and interior mouldings such as the water ballast tanks and watertight bulkheads - four in total. The keel foil is fabricated from 2205 duplex stainless steel which is plasma cut from plates of various thickness. The keel can be removed for easier transportation. The hull and deck are FRP / foam sandwich construction with high density foam in the slamming areas of the hull and compression areas of the deck. The aim is to supply structurally complete hull, deck, ballast tanks, watertight bulkheads, keel & rudder and closely control mast section, sails and rigging sizes so that there is consistency within the Class. The design has American Bureau of Shipping plan approval for Category O.