L.O.A. 16.75m 55'0"
L.W.L. 15.67m 51'5"
BEAM 4.60m 15'1"
DRAFT 2.15m 7'1"
DSPL 23,167kg 51,074lb
R16.75m DSN#58 - Gdansk

The R16.75m cruising yacht is a full aluminium kit yacht with all components for hull and deck plasma cut, ready for assembly. The construction is designed to the Uniform Shipping Laws Code - Class 2B.

Second yacht building in Gdansk.

R16.75m DSN#58 - Gdansk R16.75m DSN#58 - Gdansk

Profile Drawing

 hull profile - DSN#58  UW profile - DSN#58
For larger view/print For larger view/print

NOTE: 9 tonne of lead ballast in lower bulb section of keel


Waterline Displacement Loading
25mm (1") Up 22,093kg 48,707lb 0 0
@ D.W.L. 23,167kg 51,074lb 1,074kg 2,368lb
25mm (1") Down 24,265kg 53,495lb 2,172kg 4,788lb
50mm (2") Down 25,384kg 55,962lb 3,291kg 7,255lb
Expected Maximum
75mm (3") Down 26,525kg 58,478lb 4,432kg 9,771lb
100mm (4") Down 27,686kg 61,037lb 5,593kg 12,330lb

Based on the loading requirements of liquids, stores and extra equipment for a cruising yacht of 40 - 48ft (which can be from 2,600 to 3,000kg) the following information shows the range of loading and changes in waterlines.

An effort should be made to build and load the yacht within the figures recommended. Overbuilding or adding any unnecessary weight during construction and fitout will detract from optimum loadings.

See stability curves highlighting possible variations in righting moments based on different vertical centres of gravity.