The following 2 stability curves give examples of the variations in righting arms and points of vanishing stability (PVS) which can occur with different vertical centres of gravity (VCG). The pilot house on the R14m design, at these centres of gravity, makes this yacht self righting. The integrity of the house windows, ports etc, are important in establishing this curve.

The vertical centre of gravity for any given yacht varies with the selection and position of equipment and the final loadings of the yacht. An accurate stability curve is only possible when an inclination experiment has been conducted at a known displacement, and the real centre of gravity is then established.

Attention to detail regarding weight, and positioning of weight, during building and fitting out will help optimise the vertical centre of gravity.

Stability curve - VCG 90mm above DWL (11k)

1.8m fin keel - VCG 90mm above DWL

Stability curve - VCG 140mm above DWL (11k)

1.8m fin keel - VCG 140mm above DWL