Welcome to the design office of Radford Yacht Design. We specialise in the design of monohull sailing yachts of various styles and constructions ranging from ultra light racing yachts to steel cruising yachts.

Many of the steel and aluminium designs are available in kit form with most hull and deck components cut, ready for assembly. We also design custom yachts and FRP production yachts.

If you have any questions on the designs shown below or have specific requirements for a new design please don't hesitate to contact us.

R12 render Radford 12m - Design #70
R15.2 render Radford 15.2m - Design #80

Let's Go, Helsal III, Arctos and Tevake II

Aluminium Cruising and Racing Yachts

Aluminium Kit Construction

Frames 1, 2 and 3 (10k)

Steel Cruising Yachts

Radford 400 steel cruising yacht (10k) Radford 460 steel cruising yacht (10k)
  • Radford 350 - Design #11
    • Aft Cockpit
    • Includes stability information
  • Radford 415 - Design #61
    • Centre Cockpit
    • Includes stability information
  • Radford 460 - Design #64
    • Centre Cockpit - "Uzaklar II"

Steel Kit Construction

Cruising and Racing Yachts

Radford 14.8m (12k)

Cedar Strip Construction

Capricorn - under construction ( 3k)

Custom Yachts

Radford 17.5m Paroo Radford 16m Dorrigo Belle (9k)

Custom Yachts

Sprint IV Radford 12.2m cruising/racing yacht (10k) Serica 44 - wapiti
displacement power boat

The past

Helsal II (9k) R400 R450